Frequently Asked Questions

If any question remains unanswered, feel free to drop us a mail at info@3dware.co.in

You can dial up the number on the Tele Link (icon) on the website to have a telephonic conversation with one of our executives. Alternately, locate a machine nearest to your location and schedule a demo by shooting us an email! We will respond within 1 Business Day with further technical details and a tentative schedule for demo.

We are in process of setting up a dedicated e-commerce portal for the same. All accessories and consumables would be available soon. Till that time, feel free to coordinate with our executives to go ahead with the offline purchase orders.

Wise choice. We print the first sample of all our potential clients for free to help evaluate the surface finish and accuracy of pieces. Contact one of our executives or drop us a mail for the same.

If high surface finish, extreme detailing and micron level tolerances is desired for a given project, SLA/DLP is the way to go and 3Dware sure can help! All you need to do is get in touch.